The barbecue season is open! Use our cleaning set to help you keep your grill in good condition.Included:Metal scourer 45g – to most burnt placesRough pad 3psc. - the rough surface of the pad and at the same time the small thickness will help to reach the smallest nooks and cranniesScouring sponge Dona - the plastic mesh will not damage delicate surfacesGrooved scouring sponge -  protect your hands during grill cleaning



Cleaning the bathroom and kitchen will be easier. The large surface of the sponge 18 x 7 cm will be helpful in cleaning the tiles, fittings in the bathroom and kitchen, shower cabins and bathtubs. If you have a delicate surface, use a silver scouring pad, but if you have a problem with persistent dirt, use a colored one, which has a strengthened and more rough coating.

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